Recently I’ve been struggling a little with motivation. Motivation to write my blog, motivation to tidy up, motivation to get into action… In all fairness I am pretty tough on myself and do set myself quite high standards but anyway I’ve found myself in a bit of a slump. Maybe it is because the sunshine disappeared, maybe its because I am having trouble focusing, who knows? Yesterday I went to do a yoga class for the first time in ages and you know what? It made me feel fantastic. It got me thinking about the things that make me feel good and give me a sense of wellbeing. May it serve as a reminder to myself but also perhaps inspire some others out there :)

1. Yoga

Joining my old yoga class yesterday felt great. I felt empowered, calm and centered.

2. Classical music

After leaving my yoga class I turned on the radio. Being in such a serene state meant no other radio station was listenable besides classic fm. Classical music really does something to me, to my brain. It’s especially wonderful when driving in the sunshine I find.

3. Sunshine

The sunshine makes me feel revived, it gives me energy and motivation. If only I could control the weather!

4. Being outdoors

Fresh air and nature makes me feel alive. It clears my head and helps me to relax.

5. Being kind

Doing kind deeds for others makes me feel good. Simple as that.

6. Spreading love

Sharing my joy, smiles and chat with even complete strangers makes me feel warm and reminds me we all thrive of love and togetherness.

7. One on one time

I treasure my one on one time with my daughter, our little conversations about everything and anything in the world. You also cannot beat one on one time with a good friend or partner, this makes me happy.

8. Fun time

Making time to do fun things, have fun and laugh. It could be as simple as a picnic in the park with Littlelish or going to a concert or gig with friends. These good times are what it is all about.

9. Making things with my hands

As a creative I love to make things and get a real satisfaction and sense of purpose when I work to create something with my hands.

10. Making love

Make love not war people ;)

What are the things that do YOU good?